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Venturi is an award winning recruitment agency across a variety of different tech disciplines. We meet our client staffing needs by finding the best and brightest talent in, Software Engineering, Big Data & Data Science, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Infrastructure, DevOps, Cloud, Network and Security…

“Venturi has a high level of integrity as a recruiters and always takes time to fully brief on our vacancies, putting forward only those candidates who closely match our requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Venturi for their excellent service and quality of candidates.”

“The main winning factor for me that Venturi has over other agencies is that they qualify each candidate 100% and include every little detail. This helps us as a company to fully understand each candidate’s needs and expectations, this then puts Venturi and us at a good position in terms of candidate offer acceptance rates which is usually a big challenge with other agencies.”

“Venturi have been one of Hitachi’s top agencies delivering some great candidates to our practices and service lines.This has been over a period of three years where our company has grown rapidly. Venturi’s ratio of being able to successfully close offers has also been good in a period where candidates often face multiple offers… Venturi is one of the most reliable and best agencies in the industry.”

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